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The all-in-one solution

Our micro-EVs and software platform will ensure the quickest and smoothest launch

Your business is our business

From optimising operations to providing more fun, we’ve got it all ready for you
For resorts & theme parks
Get those 5 star reviews you’ve been eyeing for. Provide even more value for your guests & generate more revenue.
For sharing operators
Your ROI has never looked this amazing with our long-lasting and robust hardware.
For fleet operators
Maximise your unused assets with our front-end solution. Time to reclaim the lost asset-per-hour cost.
For delivery companies
Deliver faster and have more productivity in your last mile deliveries.

Experts at your fingertip

Our in-house technical team offers you the most complete solution for your micromobility needs.

We span fifteen years' worth of collective experience. You're in safe hands.

Tailored to your needs

With each businesses being unique, our in-house team of technical specialists provide you with deep customisation and localisation for even quicker launches.

Empowering operations

Uptime is critical to operation. Which is why our hardware and software is designed just for that. Plus, it's the most integrated platform you'll receive in the industry.

People that worked with us

We've been helping others achieve their goals since 2016
Sharing operator
US & Chile
"Telepod helped Scoot to successfully secure operating license in San Francisco - one of two companies operating. 66% operations cost savings from swapping batteries."
Food delivery company
“We enjoy a more efficient delivery experience as Telepod helped us overcome the challenge of time consuming charging.”
Delivery company
“With Telepod’s state of the art scooters, we are able to significantly speed up the delivery time with hub & spoke model.”
Anmon Resort
“Our hotel guest now can enjoy scooting around the resorts in a more fun and adventurous way.”
SE Amusement
Theme park operator
“Theme park goers find the the micro-EVs to be a unique and novel way in getting around to the rides..”
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Awesome business
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