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More than a billion cars globally are emitting five billion tons of carbon annually. They are over-designed and are taking too much space, causing unnecessary pollution and congestion.

“78% of cars are occupied by just one person, with 60% trips being less than five miles distances.”

This is why we’re here; to build technological solutions for a better world—redesigning the urban mobility landscape and transforming cities into better living spaces.

We understand your needs, and are here to empower you for adaptation to the local market. With our operational experience, our in-house tech team will enable you to focus on speed-to-market and day-to-day operations easily.

Because transportation issues are very a localized problem, we believe with joint ownership, we can create a more livable city for communities. Together, we’re better.



Gan Jin-Ni

Jin-Ni is high flyer in the transportation sector who was shortlisted as a nominee for "30 Forbes Under 30" (2019). She was also invited as a panel speaker at the Bloomberg — The Future of Mobility Summit in San Francisco.

Louis Goh

Louis is a serial entrepreneur prior to founding Telepod. His role in Telepod is to design and implement business model and operational model. He was the panel speaker for Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019. He hopes to solve urban mobility problems using technology and he likes Elon Musk.

Chan Jit Yen

Before joining Telepod, Jityen dealt with big data at the transportation industry across SEA in Arup. Given her strong analytical skills, she oversees in providing customer insights for effective marketing strategies. She loves hiking and facing challenges head-on in the startup journey.

Leow Wan Yee

Hailing as a product engineer at HP, Wan Yee brings 5 years' worth of expertise to tackle complex issues on supply chain and quality assurances. He's also the team's gym master—sessions are available twice weekly.

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