Frequently Asked Questions


How to Telepod

Telepod's safety guidelines

DO NOT scoot on the road, this is against Singapore laws and regulations.

DO NOT exceed speed limit of 10km/hr on footpath and 25km/hr on cycling path.

DO NOT pillion ride for safety reason. Telepod scooter is designed for one user.

Slow down when approaching pedestrians, going downhill or on slippery ground.

Dismount and push when crossing the road.

DO NOT scoot in the rain for safety reasons.


1) What's the rate like?

It's an affordable SGD0.20 per minute. Save more by using Telepod passes or simply refer your friends and receive $3 Telepod Credits upon their first ride!

2) How do I pay?

There are 2 payment options that you can select in Telepod app wallet.

i) Pay-Per-Use (no deposit required): Enter your credit/debit card details into Telepod wallet which will be encrypted and stored securely on our payment gateway. At the end of each ride, trip fare will be first deducted from your Telepod credit (if any), and any excess will be deducted from your credit/debit card registered with us.

ii) Deposit and Telepod Credit: If you do not want to store your payment card details with us, you can select Deposit and Telepod Credit top up option. The $49 refundable Deposit is to ensure responsible usage for our scooters during the service. If you request for deposit refund, it usually takes up to 2 to 3 weeks for the amount to return to your payment card. Telepod Credit is non-refundable.

3) Why is there a SGD5 authentication needed?

The SGD5 authentication is our standard procedure to validate your credit/debit card. The amount will be returned to your payment card immediately once authentication is successful. 


1) What are Telepod passes?

Telepod passes are a way for you to save even more while using the Telepod service. Passes come in three types:

  • Adventure Pass & Adventure Pass DUO (1day)

  • Commute Pass (30days)

  • Delivery Pass (7days & 30days option)

Passes require no deposit. Upon purchase, passes will start activating and are non-refundable.

Adventure Pass & Adventure Pass DUO (1day)

If you’re looking to sight-see around Singapore’s Central Business District, the Adventure Pass is for you! Adventure Pass allows you access to any Telepod scooters for 24 hours. Within that timeframe, you are able to unlock unlimited amount of times. Adventure Pass DUO allows you to have unlimited access to 2 Telepod scooters for 24 hours.

Commute Pass (30days)

If you’re looking to ease the last-mile gap, then the Commute Pass is your go-to choice! This is our recommendation for anyone that’s looking to have short-distance travel using Telepod. Commute Pass allows you access to ride any Telepod scooters for 5 trips a day at 20 minutes per trip for 30 days.

Delivery Pass (7days & 30days option)

Kickstart your delivery gig with our Delivery Pass! Scooters ran out of battery? No worries. Simply head to our battery swapping kiosks to continue keep on scooting. Delivery Pass allows you access to ride any Telepod scooters for up to 7 hours daily with unlimited Battery swapping at our battery kiosks. The 7 hours quota will reset daily upon time of purchase.


1) Can I unlock more than one Telepod scooter with one account?

You are now able to unlock two Telepod scooter per Telepod account via the app. Only applicable for Pay-Per-Use and Adventure Pass DUO.

 2) How do I unlock more Telepod scooters?

Simply start a trip with a Telepod account. During your trip, tap on the +Guest button to unlock the scooters. Proceed with the steps to unlock your second scooter.


3) What additional features are available for the main and guest scooters?

You may switch between the main and guest scooter by tapping on the tab above. You may also lock and unlock the scooters respectively upon selecting the scooters first, then tapping on the lock icon on the left side of the screen.

Using Telepod e-scooter

How do I operate Telepod e-scooter?

  1. Scan the scooter QR code to unlock the scooter and the scooter display will turn on.

  2. Kickscoot the scooter thrice and gently press the acceleration button on the right handlebar to accelerate.

  3. Brake gently using the lever on the left handlebar, make sure the brake is working before you start your trip.

Ending the trip

1) How do I end my trip?

You are required to park your e-scooter back at any Telepod stations marked “P” in order to end your trip. Scan the Station QR to end your trip via the app.

2) How do I locate Telepod station?

In Telepod app, tap the scooter station icon and tap “Navigate” button on top right corner to navigate to our station using Google Map. Refer to the station photo to look for our station QR which are usually located on the wall, bike rack, bicycle or floor. If you are still unable to locate the station/scooter, reach to us via in-app chat.

3) Telepod app shows error when I try to end my trip

Ensure that:

  1. You are scanning STATION QR code, not scooter QR.

  2. Mobile data is switched on and WiFi is switched off.

  3. Phone is not held too close to the QR code.

  4. Telepod app is allowed for the camera permission of your phone.

If you're finding difficulties in starting or ending your trips, do reach to us via Telepod in-app chat.

4) The station is too dark and I cannot scan the QR code. What should I do?

There is a torchlight function that you can press in the QR code scanning interface.

5) Where do I end my trips at?

You are required to end your trips at any Telepod stations as shown in the app.

Should you have difficulties locating any of the stations during your trip, reach to us via in-app chat.


6) What happens if the Telepod scooter runs out of battery in mid-trip?

You can return the scooter by kick-scooting it back to any nearest Telepod station. If you're finding difficulties in bringing back the scooter back to Telepod station, do reach to us via Telepod in-app chat.

7) Is there any extra charges if I don’t end trip at Telepod station?

There is a SGD10 convenience fee if you do not end trip at Telepod station. This is to deter indiscriminate parking and cover our operation cost to collect the scooter for you. We’re working in conjunction with authorities In making our cities liveable and beautiful.