Frequently Asked Questions


How to Telepod


1) What's the rate like?

It's an affordable 15¢ per minute.

A 15 minutes ($2.25 Telepod Credits) worth of free scooting time is given to all new users. Please check the amount in your Telepod Wallet.

Need even more credits? Simply refer your friends and receive $3 Telepod Credits upon their first ride!

2) What is Pay-Per-Use?

Pay-Per-Use is a convenient way to Telepod around without the hassle of Deposit placements.

Simply head to the wallet page and tap on “Payment Options” to get started.

3) Do I have to make payments for the Deposit and Telepod Credits?

The $49 refundable Deposit amount is to ensure responsible usage for our scooters and during the service.

The Telepod Credits will be used to deduct charges per minute on your trips.

If you’re looking to simply try us out, our Pay-Per-Use option is highly suggested instead.

A user will not be eligible for a Deposit refund should they:

  • Have a negative Telepod Credit balance

  • Are found abusing/abused Telepod's service

  • Are found abusing/abused Telepod scooters

 Do reach us over at our in-app chat Hotline should you require assistance.

4) How do I make the Deposit payment?

You can make your Deposit payment through the app’s wallet page, using your credit/debit card details. 


5) How do I top-up Telepod Credits?

You can top up Telepod Credits through the app’s wallet page, using your credit/debit card details.

Note that Telepod Credits are non-refundable. Please contact support should you require further assistance.

6) How do I get back the Deposit?

Head to the Wallet > Deposit > Request for Deposit to get started.

Do note that having negative Telepod credit balance will delay your Deposit refund process. See 2) for details.


7) How do you process the Deposit request?

Upon requesting for the refund, our payment gateway automagically process with your bank in order to offer you an ease of mind. We do not store your credit information.

refund flow.png


8) Will you do something nefarious with my Deposit amount?

We value your trust and as a fledging startup, that means a lot to us. We believe in transparency at all touchpoint of our business. We work hard to ensure our relationship with you are kept wholesome.

Your deposit is and has always been yours. Whenever you're done with our service, it will be returned to you. 

9) How long does it take to refund the Deposit?

Depending on your bank, the total duration will take up to 2 to 3 working weeks.


1) What are passes?

Passes are a way for you to save even more while using the Telepod service. Passes come in two types:

  • Adventure Pass

  • Commute Pass

  • Delivery Pass

Passes require no deposit. Upon purchase, passes will start activating and are non-refundable.

Adventure Pass

If you’re looking to sight-see around Singapore’s Central Business District, the Adventure Pass is for you!

Adventure Pass allows you access to any Telepod scooters for 24 hours. Within that timeframe, you are able to unlock unlimited amount of times.

Adventure Pass requires no deposit. Upon purchase, Adventure Pass will start activating and are non-refundable.

Commute Pass

If you’re looking to ease the last-mile gap, then the Commute Pass is your go-to choice! This is our recommendation for anyone that’s looking to have short-distance travel using Telepod.

Commute Pass allows you access to ride any Telepod scooters for 5 trips a day at 20 minutes per trip for 30 days only.

Commute Pass requires no deposit. Upon purchase, Commute Pass will start activating and are non-refundable.

Delivery Pass (monthly & weekly)

Kickstart your delivery gig with our Delivery Pass! Scooters ran out of battery? No worries. Simply head to our battery swapping kiosks to continue keep on scooting.

Delivery Pass allows you access to ride any Telepod scooters for up to 10 hours daily. Battery swapping are $3 (before promotion) for every successful swap.

Delivery Pass requires no deposit. Upon purchase, Delivery Pass will start activating and are non-refundable. Delivery Pass resets daily upon time of purchase.


1) Can I book more than one Telepod scooter with one account?

You are now able to book two Telepod scooter per Telepod account via the app.

Only applicable for Pay-Per-Use.

 2) How do I unlock more Telepod scooters?

Simply start a trip with a Telepod account. During your trip, tap on the +Guest button to unlock the scooters. Proceed with the steps to unlock your second scooter.


3) What additional features are available for the main and guest scooters?

You may switch between the main and guest scooter by tapping on the tab above. You may also lock and unlock the scooters respectively upon selecting the scooters first, then tapping on the lock icon on the left side of the screen.

3) What happens if the Telepod scooter runs out of battery in mid-trip?

You can return the scooter by kick-scooting it back to the nearest yellow demarcation or designated bicycle stands, and end your trip there. Our operations team will retrieve the fallen unit.

Using an e-scooter

How do I operate the scooter?

  1. Press and hold the power button on the trigger module to switch scooter on.

  2. Kickstart the scooter before accelerating.

  3. Gently pull the trigger on the right of the handlebar to gradually accelerate.

  4. Brake using the lever on the left of the handlebar. Do be mindful to brake in an advance in order to avoid potential injuries.

Ending the trip

1) How do I end my trip?

You are required to park your e-scooter back at any Telepod stations marked “P” in order to end your trip. Scan the station QR to end your trip via the app.

2) I can't end my trip!

No worries! Ensure that your:

  1. WiFi is switched off to have a smoother end trip experience.

  2. Mobile data is switched on.

  3. Phone is not held too close to the QR code.

  4. Have allowed for the camera permission.

If you're finding difficulties in starting or ending your trips, do reach to us via in-app chat.

3) The station is too dark and I cannot scan the QR code. What should I do?

There is a torchlight function that you can press in the QR code scanning interface. If your phone does not have a torch-light, dial the hotline for assistance to end your telepod trip.

4) I can't locate the Telepod station/scooter! 

If you are still unable to locate the station/scooter, reach to us via in-app chat.

If you're in a hurry, ensure that the scooter that you booked is near the station that you'd like to end, and send us a screenshot of it via in-app chat.

Ensure that the scooter is well-lit and that it can be seen with recognisable surroundings/landmarks.

5) Where do I end my trips at?

You are required to end your trips at any Telepod stations marked “P” on the app.

Should you have difficulties locating any of the stations during your trip, please contact our customer service personnel by tapping on the speech bubble icon.


6) Why am I being charged an extra $10 when I’ve ended my trip?

The $10 convenience fee will apply for anyone who end their trip outside of Telepod zone. We’re working in conjunction with authorities In making our cities liveable and beautiful.

Telepod's safety guidelines

DO NOT scoot on the road. Scooting on the road is not compliant with LTA rules and regulations.

DO NOT attempt to adjust settings on the dashboard of the e-scooter or any other parts of the e-scooter.

DO NOT scoot at a speed higher than you are comfortable with; slow down on slippery ground.

DO NOT approach pedestrians at a high speed.

DO NOT park the anywhere but yellow demarcations or bicycle stands, and/or at Telepod stations.

DO NOT scoot in heavy rain, for safety reasons and for the longevity of Telepod scooters.

DO NOT attempt to use telepod e-scooters without booking it through the app. Removing Telepod scooters from the station without booking constitutes theft.