Ready for operations

Our generation of micro-EVs are designed and built for resiliency.

Get moving and moving

Our in-house designed battery technology delivers the most uptime in the micro-mobility industry, making it our longest scooting experience on a micro-EV ever.

Fastest battery swap

Longer rides

Unlimited power

Benchmarked above the rest

With five generations of Micro-EVS, we've ensured your operational time is maximised.

Long operational lifespan

Design-life to serve you more than 17, 000 hours.

Before next maintenance

Designed for heavy usages. Low maintenance frequency is required.

Fastest battery swap

Ensure 100% availability of the scooters to your users.

Over-the-air security

Lock and unlock the micro-EV, control its lighting, and track rides. It's the most forward-thinking security in a micro-EV ever.

Lock/unlock remotely

Ride-activity tracker

Locate battery kiosks

Robust and resilient

The safest handling in a micro-EV. Front-wheel drive with dual braking. Tyre-suspension for lightweight riding.

Dual braking system

Longest operational lifespan

Swappable battery for increased uptime

Ready, set, go

Start your fleet today. Drop us a message to get some samples down.
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Frequently asked questions

What's the cost?

It ranges from USD465 - USD 999 per scooter/ebike, depending on quantum.

Can I just get the scooter instead?

Yes, you can just get the e-scooters or e-bikes without the IoT and/or SaaS.

We highly recommended to integrate with our SaaS platform that has been built to optimize your operations and maintenance plans with inventory tracking system.

Many of our partners have benefited from the significantly reduced operations, and also increasing the availability of fleet from the SaaS platform.

Can I just get the IoT since I already have the scooter?

Yes, you may also purchase our IoT and subscribe to our SaaS if you already have your own fleet of micro EVs!

There are options of IoT that operate on cat-m1 or 3G networks.

Can I just subscribe to your SaaS without getting the hardware from you?

Of course! Our SaaS is made to be plug and play with various other IoTs in the market.

Can I customize the scooters and customer app to my own brand?

Of course! We're able to customise the micro-EV's logo, colour, and frame to suit your brand if the MOQ size is more than 300 pieces.

This goes the same for our customer app and SaaS platform as well.

What are the specifications for the scooter?
Max Speed
Weight (no battery)
Wheel size
Max load
Motor nominal power
Brake system
IP Rating
: 25km/h
: 104 cm x 60 cm x 111 cm
: 12.7kg
: 8.5"
: 12.8Ah LG cells
: 120 kg
: 320w
: Front electric & rear disk
: IP65
: No
: 12.8Ah
: 2.7 kg
: 112mm x 50mm x 350mm
: UN38.3 compliant
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