Our commitment to reliability

You deserve to be able to pick-up scooters where you need at any given moment Which is why we’re focused in ensuring our scooters be where they need to be, from the start of your journey to the end of it.

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Everything in its right place


Moving forward for reliability


Station-based service.

End your trips at any Telepod station marked “P” on the app and scan the station QR code.

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Can’t find station QR? No worries.

Simply scan the scooter QR when at a Telepod station. Convenience fees apply for ending trips outside of stations and Telepod zones.

We’re here to contribute sustainably to a better urban space, helping people to move to where they need to be safely and timely. This our top priority.

- Gan Jin-Ni, Telepod CEO


Need help?

Support is just a tap away. Simply head to the chat bubble to get your questions answered.