Alternative Solution to Fire Hazards in PMD Battery Charging

November 6, 2019

Telepod, the pioneer of e-scooter sharing operator that has invented the Station QR code system to curb the indiscriminate parking issues with its system being adopted by Land Transport Authority (LTA), is once again presenting innovation at its best in the mobility industry. In light of the growing accidental fire cases related to charging Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) at home, Telepod has announced to provide options to purchase their industrial grade and UL2272 certified Smart PMD, known as the POD III, to their end consumers. It comes certified with unique swappable battery features that allow end consumers to own PMDs without having the need to charge their PMDs at home. Addressing the public concerns, end consumers can now tap onto Telepod’s battery kiosk network, as an alternative solution to accidental fire hazards from charging PMDs at home.

Avoid Charging PMDs at Home

The technology developer of urban mobility solutions, Telepod, will grant end consumers the access to its battery distribution network, also known as the battery kiosks. End consumers with POD III can have the peace of mind of not having to charge it at home and will no longer need to worry about potential fire hazards. Instead, they get to swap them out for fuller batteries at any Telepod’s battery kiosks.

UL2272 Certified Industrial Grade PMD

POD III with its swappable battery features are fully LTA compliant and UL2272 certified. It was designed to be durable and withstand heavy utilisation for the PMD sharing industry. With the industrial grade POD III, end consumers do not have to worry about owning LTA compliant scooters and question their safety when charging at home. With over 85,000 personally owned PMDs in Singapore, the number of accidental fire cases may increase with the number of PMDs charging at home everyday. The team at Telepod empathises with the recent PMD related accidental fire cases within the flats and believes that with Telepod’s alternative battery solution, the risk of accidental fire damage would be drastically reduced.

Designed for Durability, Comfort and the Extra Mile

POD III - fully designed by Telepod’s in-house expertise with Electric Vehicle industry, is Telepod’s 3rd generation PMD. It went through multiple product iterations and upgrades based on 2 years of operating experience in the micro-mobility industry and supplying its industry grade PMDs to fleet operators in the United States, Chile and Indonesia. It is designed to be extra durable and built to last with an ultimate comfort riding level. With a network of battery kiosks available, there will no longer be a concern for an e-scooters range as end consumers can swap out their batteries for fuller ones at any nearby kiosks instead of dragging the dead PMD back home for 6 to 8 hours of charging time.

“With our core competency in swappable battery technology and partnership with battery kiosks, we look forward to collaborating with more fleet operators, suppliers and distributors of PMDs to address public concerns about potential fire hazard from charging PMD at home and working together to solve the last mile problem with micro-mobility solutions.” - Jin Ni, CEO of Telepod

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