Telepod And Foodpanda Solve Pain Points of Food Delivery Riders

November 6, 2019

1. Telepod, an e-scooter sharing market leader in Singapore has partnered with leading food delivery company Foodpanda and convenience stores to launch a battery distribution network that solves the needs of food delivery riders.

2. On average, riders prefer to perform food deliveries for up to 8 hours a day but yet, most e-scooters' batteries available in the market could only last not more than 2 - 3 hours of their journey. Thus, making it difficult for the freelance riders to find an e-scooter that is able to serve their needs.

3. As the pioneer in the e-scooter sharing industry, Telepod has once again innovated themselves by developing a product & solution called "Televery”. The innovated themselves by developing a product & solution called "Televery”. The establishment of Telepod's battery distribution network through partnerships, along with the patent-pending quick-swap battery feature that is unique to Telepod e-scooters, has empowered Foodpanda’s freelance riders with extra miles by simply swapping for fresh batteries at kiosks found in selected partners of convenience stores by simply swapping for fresh batteries at kiosks found in selected partners of convenience stores.

Telepod and Foodpanda

4. Miss Luc Andreani, Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore said, “As the leading food delivery platform in Singapore, Foodpanda is constantly improving the experience for all stakeholders involved - including our users, restaurant partners and fleet of over 6,000 freelance riders. By partnering with the innovative Telepod, we can now provide the option for Foodpanda riders on e-scooters to opt for battery swaps at selected convenience stores and enjoy a more efficient delivery experience as they overcome the challenge of time consuming charging.”

Exclusive Foodpanda Discount

5. At $3.00 per swap, the food delivery riders are able to continue Telepoding and as a result, receive up to double of their usual payments. Foodpanda’s freelance riders will enjoy up to 20% purchase off of the delivery pass and 50% discount on the battery swap at a discounted rate of $1.50 only. Delivery passes can be purchased in Telepod app that is downloadable from App Store and Google Play Store.

6. Miss Chan Jit Yen, Chief Marketing Officer of Telepod said, “As E-scooter sharing market leader, we are very excited about Televery that is solving a real problem by providing a battery distribution network through the innovative quick-swap battery feature in our scooters. Through this partnership we hope to provide a more efficient way of food delivery services and ultimately reduce the use of motorised vehicle, hence reducing the carbon footprint. “

Telepod’s Expansion Plans

7. Telepod is also looking to expand and bring its solution beyond Singapore’s shores, with Malaysia being one of its latest overseas ventures. Telepod will continue to work with partners, including other payment partners and Enterprise Singapore, to access and grow its presence in the global markets.

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