Photo Source: Telepod

Photo Source: Telepod


21th of June


Telepod & LTA Appointed Facilitator, Asian Detours Sign MOU to Improve Safety of E-scooter Usage on Shared & Pedestrian Paths

1. Telepod, a leading e-scooter sharing market in Singapore announced to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Land Transport Authority’s appointed facilitator, Asian Detours to educate Telepod users and delivery partners such as Foodpanda and Lalamove about safe scooting.

2. Throughout the years of operating in Singapore, Telepod has always placed safety for both the users and pedestrians as their main priority. With this collaboration, Telepod and Asian Detours will be conducting an educational initiative collectively to drive public interest and participation in the Safe Riding Programme.

3. Out of 70,000 e-scooters registered in Singapore, a total of 156 E-scooters accident occurred within a year. For comparison, out of 957,006 road vehicles registered in Singapore, there are 7,000 road accidents occurred annually. Despite lower accident rate of E-scooters (0.222%) in comparison to road vehicles accidents (0.731%), there has been growing media coverage on e-scooter related accidents.

4. With the intention of understanding the public perceptions and opinions of shared path usage and safety, Telepod had conducted public survey and interview through their social media platforms.

Here are the Key Findings which were collected:

  1. Participants that took part in the Path Identifying Test had a passing rate of 46%.

    • This test concluded that participants have minimal knowledge of the different types of paths there in Singapore.

    • Participants had difficulty identifying the different footpaths available in Singapore. For example, in the question that asks if the street at a bus stop is deemed to be a footpath, shared path, cycling path or bus stop, most answered it as a bus stop and not a path in itself. Participants are able to easily identify a shared path, but not a footpath.

  2. Participants that took part in the Rider Regulation & Etiquette Test had a passing rate of 61%.

    • This test revealed that participants have a general understanding of the LTA safety regulations for scooters.

    • It indicates that participants were aware of the regulations and speed limits of PMDs as well as the proper e-scooting etiquette when boarding public transportation.

    • However, participants had difficulty in identifying which paths had they could scoot on and at what speed.


Telepod e-scooter is fully LTA’s compliance with speed limit capped at 25km/h. It is compulsory for all Telepod users to go through a series of safety guidelines via Telepod mobile application.

To further enhance safety, Telepod has taken the extra mile to enable Over-the-air speed setting control on their unique e-scooters that are designed with in-house research & development. With this feature, Telepod e-scooters speed gear setting can be set to the lowest for beginners to familiarize with e-scooter’s manoeuvrability. Once the Telepod user has earned sufficient mileage, the speed gear setting will resume to normal.

With all the safety measures put in place, Telepod managed to keep the accident rate below 0.01% since they began operation in June 2017.

Denis Koh, Member Active Mobility Advisory Panel said:

“Shared mobility has taken the world by storm as municipals react to the latest phenomenon and the surge in micro-mobility incidents. The movement of people around the world consumes vast amounts of resources, energy, space and time, most of it non-renewable. I am heartened to hear of the partnership between Telepod and Asian Detours, in their joint commitments on sustainable mobility by inculcating safe and responsible riding through educational initiatives such as the Safe Riding Programme. Looking forward to achieving the goals set by the Land Transport Masterplan 2040 and a carbon neutral Singapore.”

About Telepod

Telepod is the longest operating e-scooter sharing provider who aims to solve the last mile problems commonly faced in urban cities. Unlike other operators, Telepod has strong in-house R&D team and developed own e-scooters, operate its own fleet and also licensed its technology to overseas partners as far as U.S. and Chile. Telepod scooters are equipped with unique swappable battery feature that is a game changer in the E-scooter sharing industry. The patent-pending feature increases operations efficiency significantly and allows deliverymen/users to ride the extra mile they needed by swapping for high battery at any battery kiosks.

About Asian Detours

Asian Detours is the appointed facilitator by Land Transport Authority to provide Safe Riding Programme (SRP). This programme aims to equip cyclists and users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) on safe riding practices, responsible use of Active Mobility (AM) infrastructure, the Rules, and Norms, Code of Conduct which translated into the Active Mobility Act.