Telepod Passes

Enjoy scooting with our new passes! Get them via the app’s Wallet page, under Promotions. Head here to learn more about our pricing.


Zone display

We’ve made scooting areas more transparent for you. End your trips outside of the scooting zones with a simple convenience fee of $10.

No more guessing and start scooting effortlessly! Effective 21st Oct ‘18.


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Richer information

Always wanted to know the condition of the scooters at a station? Now you can! Get that fresh ride when you want, wherever you want.

Check a scooter's battery life as well as a photo of its last known position. Bring it forward—Take a good snapshot for the next user!


How to Telepod 2.0


Your trips just got easier 

Now you can head to that favourite place for lunch or dinner and still be back on time!

Just park your ride at any yellow demarcation or designated bicycle stands on private land and take a photo of the scooter. This will assist the next user in locating it. Aren't you the helpful one!

Experience freedom today!

telepod 2.0 outtro.gif